Nader May Run

23:57 Thu 31 Jan 2008. Updated: 10:22 01 Feb 2008

Apparently Ralph Nader is considering another White House bid. If he were to run, I can’t see any mainstream candidate being a better recipient of my vote than he would be.

I’ve never bought the “Nader spoiled Al Gore’s bid” story from 2000. Gore himself could have run a better campaign, and could have protested the awful bullshit that went down in Florida… beyond which, Gore has to earn the damn votes, even if they’re from the left-wing—they don’t simply belong to him just because he’s got the Democrat label. Same goes for the Democratic candidate this time around.

Nader’s no saint, and I’m sure I’d find plenty of significant policies that I’d disagree with. But I doubt the other candidates would even touch the bloated military budget, for example, and that alone would make it worthwhile to vote for Nader.

All the Democrats who have been whining about Nader being a ‘spoiler’ should have recognized long ago that if the system we have produces terrible results when some people vote for the candidate they actually support, then the system needs to be drastically altered, and that should have been their focus rather than attacking someone just for running for office while not being a product of the Democratic party machine.

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  1. Helen Says:

    I could NOT agree more!

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