sfmagic.org Rewrite: Stalled/Graphs

23:46 Tue 08 Jan 2008. Updated: 01:54 09 Jan 2008
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I didn’t have much time to work on the rewrite today, and spent what time I did have messing around with graphs.

Flot is a jQuery graphing plugin that looks like it might be useful. I intend to put quite a few graphs up on the new site, and am happy to see that JavaScript graphing tools have come a long way since I wrote the first version.

This evening, I came up with a graph representing the points totals each of the top nine (meant to be ten, but it’s late) players in seeding has had over the last ten weeks:

If the data here were not six months old, I’d include the player names to make it more interesting. For now, it’s just some pretty lines…

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