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23:10 Sun 06 Jan 2008
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Today most of my time on the project was spent setting it up on one of the machines in my home network, which may end up being its home once it’s ready and deployed.

It didn’t take that long to set up, I didn’t have any problems with the basic Python or MySQL installations (I had been worried about MySQL due to problems I had back in 2003 or so, but it’s so mainstream at this point that it was unlikely I’d run into difficulties). Getting setuptools working was quite easy indeed, although I did have to install the python-expat OpenBSD package when I didn’t expect to (I thought that the easy_install script for setuptools would take care of dependencies). In addition, Pylons complained when it couldn’t find /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock, so I had to link that to /var/www/var/run/mysql/mysql.sock.

Despite the lack of problems, setup still took a while, as it always seems to, and so I didn’t have a lot of actual development time today. I did add a new column to the tournaments table, “nonblock”, to store a flag marking a tournament as not belonging to a block as most of ours do. This is to make sure that the generation of the standings for the superset and sets standings (e.g. Mirrodin and Mirrodin/Mirrodin/Darksteel) can be done automatically—every block will have standings generated for it, unless the “block” is composed only of tournaments with this flag set to true. So “Chaos Draft” isn’t a block, and while IAC/ALL/CLD is a block, it’s not for our purposes because we only had one event using that block and hence it’s not really a block for the purposes of our group. This flag also allows later tournaments to be played with older sets—so we could have a Mirrodin draft that ould count towards others results but not toward the Mirrodin block results themselves, as they’re part of a season that’s no over (so the results from that season shouldn’t change due to these later tournaments).

Hopefully, tomorrow will see more progress on the head-to-head code.

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