‘Rose and Trove’

09:46 Thu 07 Jun 2007
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I had loved Saura all my life.

A s children we had played together, but her father removed her from school, and I was beaten repeatedly for trying to reach her. Now I watched from a distance, waiting.

She was beautiful, and it was said that whoever she fell in love with would find Giovanni’s Trove in the hills. Her father knew she was sought after by many, and allowed no playmates but her handmaid Ruka.

I was walking through the village, carrying a rose I had plucked in her honor, when a rider approached. He wore red robes, not seen in these parts for decades. As I watched, the rose decayed in my hand. He was her father’s choice as husband.

I was frozen as he was greeted by her family. They were out of sight before I could move. I ran through the forest, knowing I must prevent the engagement. I picked up a stick as I ran, and this time left the guard stunned behind me.

The stranger was nearing the porch, while Saura’s father pulled her outside. The stranger laughed at her struggles.

Her father dragged her down the stairs and forced her hand out. The suitor put his hand in his pocket to get the ring—and I ran out, striking his arm with the stick. He yelled, the ring flew, I jumped upon him.

The two of us were in the dust, surrounded by others pounding my back and sides, when there was a strange noise and a bright light. We all looked up to see a girl approaching from the hills, holding up an intensely bright orb.

In the orb Giovanni’s sigil was clear to all. The girl was Ruka, and she was smiling.

(290 words)

This is a microfiction assignment from http://www.wgz.org/chromatic/projects/microfiction/:

Given the character of a mysterious stranger, write a story in the magical reality genre, using the subject a fight over another character and the theme a prophecy. If you feel extra creative, add another genre of your choice.

Your word limit is 290 words.

I wanted to add cyberpunk as a genre, but couldn’t quite fit it in. Writing time was about 30 minutes, not counting about the same spent on a previous attempt (trying to cross magical realism and noir) that didn’t work out.

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