Chess Pain

23:35 Sat 02 Jun 2007. Updated: 05:36 03 Jun 2007
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I’ve never been any good at chess. I like it, but the higher orders of understanding it elude me.

And so playing it is an exercise in frustration. Even playing against people I can beat is like that, because I never know when the appropriate neurons will fail to fire and I’ll find myself doing something really stupid.

I played against Niall Murphy this evening and (naturally) lost. I was playing White, and we ended up in the Levenfish variation, an attack on the Sicilian Dragon. I wasn’t previously aware of this attack, and stumbled into it because it looked like it made sense at the time…

Sadly, I wasn’t able to sustain the tight play that is apparently required to make that attack work, and eventually (afer being allowed a couple of takebacks for embarrassing blunders) stumbled into an endgame where I was down several pawns. This didn’t work out too well.

Clearly this would have been a better result, but I was too chicken to do 7. e5. I can’t remember what I did go for, possibly 7. f4.

Sadly, stumbling through that was probably one of the better games I’ve played against Niall.

I do have to remember, though, that we should really write down the moves. It’s not hard to do so, and I would definitely like to be able to replay my games (so as to be able to look over them and say “what the hell was I thinking?”). Hopefully I’ll remember that the next time I play chess.

2 Responses to “Chess Pain”

  1. Niall Murphy Says:

    It was the tightest sharpest game I’ve played against you yet. Looking forward to more!

  2. Tadhg Says:

    Niall: I definitely enjoyed it! Sadly, I haven’t played since, and I’ll need to get some practice in before our next contest to make it as compelling!

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