Monitor Covetousness

23:22 Wed 14 Mar 2007. Updated: 00:23 15 Mar 2007
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When I first started looking at the Dell 2407WFP monitor, it cost something over $1100. Which is obviously a ton of money to consider spending on a monitor. So I’ve waited a while, hoping that it would drop in price. And it has.

Now the 2407WFP, with native resolution of 1920×1600, is down to $700, around the same amount as my current monitor (the older equivalent of this) cost when I got it. So I should snap it up, right?

Well, the problem now is that the 3007WFP is down to $1250. Which is expensive, of course, but it’s a 30-inch monitor. With 2560×1600 native resolution. That’s just incredibly tempting. Crazily, if I got that, I’d have to put my current main monitor on its side in order to have the same vertical resolution across the monitors. (I’d have to get a new graphics card for it, too…)

On top of that, a friend recently let me know about this 37-inch 1920×1080 LCD TV for $900. And you can get the Sharp AQUOS 37-inch 1920×1080 for under $1500 now too.

So I’m back to wondering about what monitors to get.

Oddly, however, what I’m most tempted to do now is to not buy another one. Instead, I should convince my workplace that it’s now time for them to replace my main monitor at work. I own it, it’s a 2001FP, the same as I have at home. I bought it a few years back, because they weren’t going to get me the monitor that I wanted, and I decided it was important to have a good one. But now the equivalent monitor is under $500, and I think it’s just time for them to cough up the money. So I think I’ll push for that, and be content for a while with a pair of 2001FPs.

With monitor arms. Seth recently shelled out for some good monitor arms, and they make a serious difference, much more than I expected. So much more desk space! So I think I’ll get those, bring my work monitor home, and try out that setup for a while before investing more money in them.

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