Six Months of Blogging

23:50 Wed 31 Jan 2007
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I’ve posted to my blog at least once per day every day since 1 August 2006.

Moveover, the vast majority of the posts have been substantial—I haven’t phoned it in too often. Not even for the “favorite books” posts, which take a fair amount of work to write, especially when just remembering some of the books is quite tough.

I’ve varied it quite a lot, with the “micronovel” and then AFBH as well as the more “normal” blog posts for the other months. I plan to return to month-long experiments with other formats or genres or projects. First, however, I need to finish the second draft of the novel. So February is going to be another month with the same restrictions, no more than thirty minutes per daily post.

I’m still very happy with how the blogging has pushed me. Having the space to write every day as well as being forced to write every day has been a great thing, and I think it’s been a significant spur to my creativity and productivity both.

I do need to make an effort to write my posts earlier in the day. I tend to do them last thing at night, and that’s not good for their quality, or my sleep. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but that’s definitely an area I have to work on in February.

I also need to push myself to write about the various topics on the list I keep of things to write about. Somehow I find myself resistant to this, but the whole point of that list is for the things on it to get written.

Eventually I’ll just force myself to write an article per day on a topic from that list, which will solve that problem, but I don’t think it’s quite time for that yet. Maybe I’ll do that in March—a month that’s disturbingly close, given it status as final deadline for the second draft.

Thanks to everyone who’s reading, keep on coming back!

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