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22:06 Sun 28 Jan 2007
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I don’t usually do link posts, but I found some fantastic stuff while surfing YouTube today, and really had to share.

Everyone is probably aware of this one already (I read somewhere that it was the most popular thing on YouTube), but anyway: The Evolution of Dance. Hilarious and very clever.

I saw this one on memepool, it’s an excellent musical rant by an ex-cellist (Rob Paravonian) about why he hates Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

After watching some Pablo Francisco stuff earlier, finding the very odd but fantastic Dr Tran seems synchronicitous. I don’t want to give away anything about it; just watch it.

Lastly, I thought these two stick-figure themed animations were amazing (especially the second one): Animator vs. Animation and Animator vs. Animation II.

(Bonus: the last two reminded me of this Xiao Xiao classic: No. 3.)

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