Some Things I’m Thinking About Buying

23:56 Fri 26 Jan 2007. Updated: 10:23 27 Jan 2007
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The time of year makes me consider major purchases, even though I don’t intend to make any major purchases for a while—for one thing, they’re carrots for finishing the second draft. Nevertheless, these are a few of the things I’m considering.

I want to replace my camera, which has served faithfully for more than four years. It’s starting to show artifacts and possible dead pixels/sensors, and that’s not something I want to deal with. It’s probably time for an upgrade in any case. I’m considering both an SLR and a much smaller camera that I can easily carry all the time.

For the SLR, it’s quite likely that I’ll go for the Canon EOS 400D, unless something else comes out in the time before I buy. I like Canon a lot due to my experience with the Powershot G2, and that gives the 400D an edge over Nikon.

For the small camera, I’m not sure. I might go with Canon, but apparently there are some excellent small Casio cameras that I should look at.

I have a Dell 2001FP 1600×1200 LCD monitor as my main monitor both at home and at work. At home, I’m considering making that my secondary monitor, and getting a Dell 2407FPW 1920×1200 LCD monitor for my main screen… which would be pretty damn cool. Right now I use an old 15" CRT, and it would be great to both replace that and significantly upgrade my screen real estate. I use the secondary monitor a lot, so I think it would be worth it to have a really good one.

Lastly, and least likely of all these purchases, I’ve been looking at the Sharp LC37D90U LCD television. Replacing my current television would free up space in the apartment, and I’d love to have a wall-mounted screen so that I didn’t have to look down while playing DDR in order to see. However, given that playing DDR is almost the only thing I use the television for at the moment, it’s rather hard to justify such a purchase. That doesn’t stop me from wanting one…

With some saving and a little time, I can get some of this stuff. I’m not sure whether to first go for the camera(s) or the monitor. I suppose I have a while (and a lot of editing) to do before I have to really worry about that decision.

2 Responses to “Some Things I’m Thinking About Buying”

  1. kevintel Says:

    If you’re just going to get the 400D just to fool around with, stick with the stock lens. If you’re going to push it or want better results, budget for a better lens, likely to cost as much as the camera. Trust me, the stock lens is arse.

    I’m hoping at some point to get the Canon 17-85mm lens for the 350D, a camera which I find by and large to be good (a bit dubious about the focusing, but I think it’s the lens giving it grief).

  2. Tadhg Says:

    Yeah, I read that the stock lens wasn’t too good—any suggestions on a good lens for it? Or are you suggesting the Canon 17-83mm lens for the 400D as well?

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