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23:14 Wed 24 Jan 2007. Updated: 01:15 25 Jan 2007
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I haven’t been listening to much music recently. I’m not sure why that is, and I started thinking about what effect music has on me, or has had on me in the past

I think it would be fair to say that I tend to like music more for what it does to me than for its artistry or other characteristics. I’ve always had the desire to get lost in it, to be suspended in the waves of sound without conscious effort.

From The Fields of the Nephilim to Ivory Frequency to Liszt to Leftfield to Suicidal Tendencies to Nine Inch Nails to The Sisters of Mercy to Bartok to Astral Projection, it’s that feeling of music washing over me that I’ve looked for.

Music was a larger part of my identity when I was younger, too, but less and less so as I’ve gotten older. This is partly because it seemed that identifying with particular genres was too restricting, and my tastes are a lot more eclectic than they were.

I also think that music’s dwindled in importance to me, though, and that’s something I’m less comfortable about. I’m not sure why this would be. I don’t even use it to concentrate that was I once did.

Instead of being an all-encompassing experience, which is what I looked for in the past, it’s become less and less central, and more like background noise. This might be due in part to my not liking concerts much, and generally not going clubbing—without those immersive experiences, I don’t have too many other opportunities where music is the central part of an event. Which might well make it dwindle in importance for me.

I should rectify these things. So, here’s a kind of post-birthday resolution: between now and my next birthday, I will attend at least five music-centered events/experiences.

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  1. garret Says:

    Interting because I used to listen to bands like Tundra-Mother, Nolan sister wank jamboree and hobbies for sex offenders but now just like you its back ground.Interting is a word that I inventing as a present for you Tadgh you can give it any definition you want but suggest this.
    When people at dinner parties talk about a subject matter that upsets everyone but gives them a great sense of satisfaction.

  2. Tadhg Says:

    I hesitate to ask, but what kind of subject matter upsets everyone but gives them a great sense of satistfaction when they discuss it?

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