December/January Blogging

17:31 Mon 01 Jan 2007
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I was happy with how posting every day in December went, and very happy with some of the posts in particular.

I was writing with no thematic or stylistic constraints, but writing the posts in no more than around thirty minutes.

My favorite posts from December:
Inspiration, because I think it’s a good post on the topic.
Closure, because it expressed my feelings very well, and managed to end on a high note.
Montara Beach Photos, because I like the photos.
Change Your Mind, because some of that stuff really works (see next item).
‘A Tree on the Path’, because I think that it came out really, really well. And because I had no idea what it was going to be about when I sat down to write—not only that, but I hadn’t had any of the ideas in it before sitting down to write it. It might be my favorite post from the entire year.

Speaking of which, I might post a year-of-blogging overview at some point.

January’s posts are going to be under the same constraints as December’s, as I try to limit the blogging time and work on finishing the second draft of my novel before my birthday.

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