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Sharing Books

23:55 09 Dec 2006. Updated: 03:56 10 Dec 2006

I was thinking about this at a party I was at this evening, and commented that sharing books is one of the pleasures in life. Upon reflection, I think this is really true, that I do absolutely love sharing books with friends.

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Bookmarking Project Progress

23:01 08 Dec 2006. Updated: 23:28 19 Jan 2007

I started working on my bookmarking project, and have the JavaScript side more or less worked out.

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23:12 07 Dec 2006

Firebug is an amazing web development extension for Firefox. Anyone who does any web development should use it.

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23:25 06 Dec 2006. Updated: 01:01 07 Dec 2006

The meaning of ‘oblique’ that I’m addressing here is that of being indirect, unstraighforward, with connotations of slyness or underhandedness. What in our lives coomunicates indirectly and often with apparent deviousness?

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23:25 05 Dec 2006

What is it and how do I get some? I don’t know the answers to these questions, except that my problems with closure are intimately bound up with my attitudes to death, letting go, hindsight, tragedy, and change.

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23:27 04 Dec 2006

A while ago, when I was in L.A. and up late and avoiding my AFBH post for the day, I came across this blog (possibly this post), which has the brilliant tagline: “Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the Internet.” Naturally, given what I was doing versus what I was supposed to be doing, this struck a chord. I was reminded of it tonight, as I was thinking about inspiration.

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Interrogation Scenes

21:43 03 Dec 2006. Updated: 13:27 08 Apr 2009

I re-read Powers today (and it’s still simply fantastic), and then read the interview that Oeming and Bendis did for the fiftieth issue. In it, Bendis mentions that he loves interrogation scenes, that they’re a lot of fun because you get to lock two characters in a room and see what happens.

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Points-based ‘Limited’ for MTGO

23:12 02 Dec 2006. Updated: 08:43 04 Dec 2006

A while ago I came up with a new format for competitive MTG, one which would be tough with real cards but rather easy online: points-based Limited.

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November/December Blogging

23:54 01 Dec 2006. Updated: 16:31 01 Jan 2007

Well, I made it through November still posting every day, after managing to finish The Annotated Fantasy Bedtime Hour.

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