Dark, Wet, Cold

16:37 Tue 19 Dec 2006
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Lots of people, especially those from Southern California, deride San Francisco’s weather. These people should spend time in Ireland, as that would give them an appreciation of just how good SF weather is.

San Francisco has weather in which you can more or less play Tennis outdoors every day of the year, if it’s not raining. And the rain doesn’t come that often (there are rainy winters, but they’re not every winter by any means).

Dublin in winter is fairly miserable. It’s quite cold right now. Not by US East Coast standards, or even by the standards of continental Europe. But along with the cold comes damp… it’s almost always damp here. That’s a lot less pleasant than colder but dry weather.

Furthermore, it’s dark. The daylight lasts a short time and tends to have trouble burning through the cloud cover, so it’s mostly varying shades of grey fading to black.

The combination of these things, plus jet lag, makes me sluggish and tired (no “so no difference then” comments from the peanut gallery, please). I generally take a while to get going in the mornings anyway, but this makes it an even more lengthy process, and ‘morning’ becomes an increasingly elastic designation.

Hopefully, I can fight this off soon, because I have quite a lot to do, including working on my second draft.

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2 Responses to “Dark, Wet, Cold”

  1. Rachel and Amy Says:

    Is this the same person as Simmons? 92?

  2. Tadhg Says:

    I don’t know who Simmons is, but a Google search suggests you might mean Tadhg Simmons… and that’s not me (Tadhg O’Higgins).

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