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23:01 Fri 08 Dec 2006. Updated: 23:28 19 Jan 2007
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I started working on my bookmarking project, and have the JavaScript side more or less worked out.

The bookmarklet expects to be invoked as a keyword, with arguments. The arguments are separated by comma-space, as in “ politics, web development, consciousness”. If for whatever reason I wish to alter the title my database will use for the article I’m saving, I can also add a second field using a pipe separator, as in “ politics, web development, consciousness|Use this title instead”.

The bookmarklet will then pop up a prompt asking for any comments on the page. Once that’s done, it adds a form to the page and submits it. The server is supposed to deal with the rest, but I haven’t built the database structure yet.

I haven’t decided whether or not I want to store page metadata (such as doctype and charset) outside of the page, as metadata in the database. At the moment I’m not doing so, but I should probably consider it. It would be a fairly easy change to make.

The only major feature I might attempt to add to the current JavaScript would be the ability to save linked assets, like images, as well, and that’s something I probably won’t tackle for a while. Here’s the bookmarklet in its current form:

(function () {
        var bookmarkSubmitter = {
                init: function() {
                        var bookmarkletArguments = "%s";
                        var argumentTest = "%" + "s";
                        if (bookmarkletArguments == argumentTest) {
                                bookmarkletArguments = "";
                        } else {
                                var doctype = document.doctype;
                                var doctypeString = "";
                                if (doctype != null) {
                                        doctypeString = "\n";
                                var pageSource = doctypeString + "" + document.documentElement.innerHTML + "";
                                var pageURL = document.location;
                                if (bookmarkletArguments.indexOf("|") != -1) {
                                        var tagList = bookmarkletArguments.split("|")[0];
                                        var pageTitle = bookmarkletArguments.split("|")[1];
                                } else {
                                        var tagList = bookmarkletArguments;
                                        var pageTitle = document.title;
                                bookmarkSubmitter.makeForm(tagList, pageSource, pageURL, pageTitle);
                makeForm: function(tagList, pageSource, pageURL, pageTitle) {
                        submissionForm = document.createElement("form");
                        submissionForm.action = "http://domain.tld/formpage";
                        submissionForm.method = "POST";
                        submissionForm.id = "bookmarkletSubmitterForm";
                        tagListInput = document.createElement("input");
                        tagListInput.name = "tagList";
                        tagListInput.id = "tagList";
                        tagListInput.value = tagList;
                        document.getElementById( "bookmarkletSubmitterForm" ).appendChild(tagListInput);
                        pageURLInput = document.createElement("input");
                        pageURLInput.name = "pageURL";
                        pageURLInput.id = "pageURL";
                        pageURLInput.value = pageURL;
                        document.getElementById( "bookmarkletSubmitterForm" ).appendChild(pageURLInput);
                        pageTitleInput = document.createElement("input");
                        pageTitleInput.name = "pageTitle";
                        pageTitleInput.id = "pageTitle";
                        pageTitleInput.value = pageTitle;
                        document.getElementById( "bookmarkletSubmitterForm" ).appendChild(pageTitleInput);
                        pageSourceInput = document.createElement("textarea");
                        pageSourceInput.name = "pageSource";
                        pageSourceInput.id = "pageSource";
                        pageSourceInput.value = pageSource;
                        document.getElementById( "bookmarkletSubmitterForm" ).appendChild(pageSourceInput);
                        pageCommentsInput = document.createElement("textarea");
                        pageCommentsInput.name = "pageComments";
                        pageCommentsInput.id = "pageComments";
                        var pageComments = prompt("Page Comments: ");
                        pageCommentsInput.value = pageComments;
                        document.getElementById( "bookmarkletSubmitterForm" ).appendChild(pageCommentsInput);
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