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23:35 08 Nov 2006. Updated: 00:18 30 Nov 2006

“… experiencing a delay. We appreciate your patience.”

“Attention station agents and passengers. The delay affects the Castro, Church, or Duboce & Church stations. We appreciate your patience.”

“Attention station agents and passengers. The delay fled from Duboce & Church, apparently towards Van Ness. Inbound trains remain stuck for the time being. We appreciate your patience.”

“Attention station agents. We have a wandering delay loose in the train system. Last seen at Van Ness. Consider the delay armed and dangerous, and do not confront it.”

“Attention station agents. We have cut off access to the tunnels between Van Ness and Civic Center to trap the delay. Do not attempt to apprehend anything coming out of those tunnels.”

“Attention station agents and passengers. We have an all clear for outbound trains. Outbound trains should resume normal service soon.”

“Attention station agents. A SWAT team cornered and killed the wandering delay inbound between Van Ness and Civic Center. Cleanup crews have contained the resulting delay and hope to remove it very shortly.”

“Attention station agents and passengers. We have a cleanup delay at Van Ness. We hope to clear this within an hour. We appreciate your patience. Thank you for riding Muni.”

(200 words)

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Ballot Measure Thoughts

16:53 07 Nov 2006

Proposition 90, which would allow property owners to sue the state for damages by claiming that state regulations adversely impact the value of their property, strikes me as horrific. I think it’s the most important measure on the ballot. I would give up my votes on the other propositions in return for the ability to vote against it multiple times.

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Making AJAX Treat Text as XML

15:05 06 Nov 2006

JavaScript can be really picky about what it accepts as “XML”, and in most AJAX uses it requires that the server send it something with the correct MIME type. This can get really annoying if you’re trying to deal with local XML from your filesystem, because the browser will treat it as text, and the AJAX functions will error out. So, I finally decided I’d had enough, started looking into using the DOMParser, discovered it didn’t exist in IE, and then found a post about a DOMParser for IE and Safari.

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Los Angeles Photos

17:08 05 Nov 2006. Updated: 08:47 07 Nov 2006

I went to Los Angeles last weekend, visiting my friends Brian and Anne. While there I used my camera for the first time in months, and I post some of the better shots below.

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AFBH Wrapup

13:45 05 Nov 2006

I’ve finished the run of Annotated Fantasy Bedtime Hour posts, having done one every day for thirty-five days. Julie, Heatherly and Jenn plan five more episodes, and I intend to cover those when they show up online.

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AFBH 35: Pages 426-430

02:27 04 Nov 2006

Episode 35. Death below Mount Thunder

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AFBH 34: Pages 421-426

23:24 03 Nov 2006. Updated: 10:13 09 Nov 2006

Episode 34. Tunnels.

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Driving in Los Angeles

22:25 02 Nov 2006. Updated: 19:50 04 Nov 2006

I was only there for four days, so I don’t really have a large sample size, but driving in Los Angeles did seem somewhat less pleasant than in the Bay Area. This might be simply because there’s more of it, but it might also be because of incidents like this one:

I was on the interchange between Highway 101 and Highway 110 South, which requires a very quick shift from the extreme right of the highway to the left, crossing about four lanes in a short amount of time (and space). I made this lane shift without any problems and was in the rightmost lane of the three lanes for my exit. In front of me, I saw a car try to change into my lane very late—not going over the the unbroken white dividing line that means “don’t change lanes”, not going over the wedge of unused asphalt after that, but actually driving/sliding down the raised and slanted grass verge separating what were at that point essentially two different highways. I do have to give them this, though: at least they were indicating.

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AFBH 33: Pages 417-421

22:13 02 Nov 2006

Episode 33. A Word of Warning.

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Router Issues

00:22 02 Nov 2006. Updated: 01:22 02 Nov 2006

Access to my sites has been intermittent at best since Monday evening. It’s some recurring problem with my router, and I’m hoping that this weekend I can figure out how to put it into bridge mode, and that this will stop it from happening again. I wasn’t able to access the site at all in that period, although some people have told me they were able to, so apparently at times the packet loss wasn’t atrocious.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll fix the problem properly soon. More details as I discover them.

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AFBH 32: Pages 413-416

23:13 01 Nov 2006. Updated: 01:18 02 Nov 2006

Episode 32. Sentries.

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