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13:15 Sun 26 Nov 2006. Updated: 14:22 26 Nov 2006
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As discussed in yesterday’s post about multiple AJAX requests, I wrote an enhanced version of my bookmarklet for improving the magictraders.com price lists.

To add it, paste the code from the following link into the location field of a new bookmark (Firefox/other Gecko-based browsers only): sortable_prices_for_motl_multiple_bkm.js. You should assing a keyword to it.

To use it, go to any page of set prices on magictraders.com, for example http://magictraders.com/cgi-bin/set_query.cgi?set=TSP. When that loads, type the keyword into the location bar, followed by the code(s) for the set(s) (if multiple, separate them with spaces) you wish to add—try TSP with this one to get all of the cards in Time Spiral. Then hit enter and wait a few moments. Assuming all goes well, you’ll be presented with a price-sorted table that you can sort by any header. (To see a table for all the cards in the Ravnica block, go to http://magictraders.com/cgi-bin/set_query.cgi?set=RAV and type:

(your keyword) gpt dis

into the location bar and hit return.)

If you invoke it with no parameters, it will make a table out of the prices on the page.

I haven’t tested it in anything except Firefox.
It may perform a little sluggishly, especially if you enter a lot of extra sets
You must enter codes that match the ones that magictraders.com uses

You can also get the commented source.

Valid set codes for the set prices on magictraders.com are:
ABU (Alpha/Beta/Unlimited)
RV (Revised)
4TH (4th Edition)
5TH (5th Edition)
6TH (6th Edition)
7TH (7th Edition)
8TH (8th Edition)
9TH (9th Edition)
AN (Arabian Nights)
AQ (Antiquities)
LE (Legends)
DK (The Dark)
FE (Fallen Empires)
IA (Ice Age)
HL (Homelands)
AI (Alliances)
MI (Mirage)
VI (Visions)
WL (Weatherlight)
TE (Tempest)
ST (Stronghold)
EX (Exodus)
UZ (Urza’s Saga)
UY (Urza’s Legacy)
UD (Urza’s Destiny)
MM (Mercadian Masques)
NM (Nemesis)
PR (Prophecy)
IN (Invasion)
PS (Planeshift)
AP (Apocalypse)
OD (Odyssey)
TOR (Torment)
JUD (Judgment)
ONS (Onslaught)
LGN (Legions)
SCG (Scourge)
MRD (Mirrodin)
DST (Darksteel)
5DN (Fifth Dawn)
CHK (Champions of Kamigawa)
BOK (Betrayers of Kamigawa)
SOK (Saviors of Kamigawa)
RAV (Ravnica: City of Guilds)
GPT (Guildpact)
DIS (Dissension)
CSP (Coldsnap)
TSP (Time Spiral)
TSB (Time Spiral Timeshifted)
UG (Unglued)
UNH (Unhinged)

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