Server Upgrade

23:54 Wed 22 Nov 2006. Updated: 00:56 23 Nov 2006
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My current main server has acted in that capacity since 2001. Earlier this year I decided to upgrade, and got my new server, reflection. I haven’t actually moved all of my services over to it. Or any of them, in fact. Since everything would run faster, I should really do it…

Services I need to move:

* Mail. The big one, as far as importance goes. I feel very skittish about this one because it currently works just fine, and because I consider mailserver setup somewhat complicated.
* www.tadhg.com. Here I’d have to move the WordPress database and files, and should really upgrade my version of WordPress while I’m at it. I don’t find this as daunting.
* www.shadowglass.net. Files only, also not very daunting. Unless I’ve forgotten something.
* www.sfmagic.org. Another database move.
* SAMBA. Another one that seems scary, because getting it to work in the first place proved rather tricky.
* Webmail. I rarely use it but still consider it a necessity.
* Apache (obviously, to support the web services).
* MySQL (again, obviously, to support the web services).
* Routing/firewall services. Tricky again. The current server is the gateway for the machines on the LAN, and I haven’t gotten around to buying a second Ethernet card for reflection.

Clearly, I should get all of these running on reflection first, then switch over (preferably using DNS and MX records). I can’t do this with the routing/firewall stuff, so I’ll probably leave that for last. Once all that is done, I’ll upgrade the current server and have it act as a backup.

I’d like to upgrade reflection to OpenBSD 4.0 before moving stuff to it, but my brother and I encountered odd optical drive issues the last time we tried that.

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