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17:14 Tue 14 Nov 2006. Updated: 19:57 14 Nov 2006
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For a while I’ve toyed with the idea of building an application to track my browsing. Something along the lines of del.icio.us, but with files saved to my server.

I do a lot of reading online, and hate it when I can’t remember where I read something. Browser history isn’t enough for this, partly because it doesn’t go back that far, partly because it isn’t centralized, and partly because it stores everything, not just things I consider worth saving.

Some things I want it to support:

* Tagging
* Saving the HTML
* Storing metadata in a database
* Ease of use—probably through a bookmarklet
* RSS or other feed technology for recent additions

I have two key use cases: easily finding something I don’t remember clearly, possibly from years ago, regardless of whether or not the original site/pages has disappeared; tagging things I read as “recommended” and then linking to a list of recent recommended articles from my blog.

It doesn’t appear that difficult. The bookmarklet part seems easy, and the backend looks feasible.

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  1. tadhg.com » Bookmarking Project Progress Says:

    [...] I started working on my bookmarking project, and have the JavaScript side more or less worked out. The bookmarklet expects to be invoked as a keyword, with arguments. The arguments are separated by comma-space, as in “ politics, web development, consciousness”. If for whatever reason I wish to alter the title my database will use for the article I’m saving, I can also add a second field using a pipe separator, as in “ politics, web development, consciousness|Use this title instead”. [...]

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