Ballot Measure Thoughts

16:53 Tue 07 Nov 2006
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Proposition 90, which would allow property owners to sue the state for damages by claiming that state regulations adversely impact the value of their property, strikes me as horrific. I think it’s the most important measure on the ballot. I would give up my votes on the other propositions in return for the ability to vote against it multiple times.

I intend to mostly vote with the San Francisco Bay Guardian today, with the exception of Proposition 88. The idea of a “land parcel tax” just irks me, despite my not owning any land.

I also struggled with Proposition 86, a cigarette tax increase, because cigarette taxes seem more regressive. But I also think that smoking strains the health system, and that this Proposition might help offset that.

I don’t like bond measures in general, but nevertheless intend to vote for the Propositions funding housing, schooling, and disaster/flood preparation with bonds. I dithered most over the schooling, but in the end I thought that money would probably help enough people to make it worth it.

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