AFBH Wrapup

13:45 Sun 05 Nov 2006
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I’ve finished the run of Annotated Fantasy Bedtime Hour posts, having done one every day for thirty-five days. Julie, Heatherly and Jenn plan five more episodes, and I intend to cover those when they show up online.

I found the project of annotating an episode to be far more work than I had thought before I started. Only once did I manage to write an AFBH post in less than two hours, and most took more like three or three-and-a-half hours.

I plan to create an AFBH wiki, and to open that up to interested parties for editing, but don’t have a timetable for this. I intend to use MediaWiki.

Thanks to all my readers (keep the comments rolling in!), to Julie & Heatherly & Jenn & the FBH cast/crew for making such a fantastic show, and to Steven R. Donaldson for writing Lord Foul’s Bane and so making it all possible.

From Episode 5
From Episode 10
From Episode 15
From Episode 23

(Oh, and Episode 38 (I think) contains my final appearance as Supreme Resident Expert.)

3 Responses to “AFBH Wrapup”

  1. John Eccker Says:

    Supreme Expert? SUPREME? I don’t know … Maybe we should have a Jeopardy-style showdown of all the experts to help decide that one. :-) “Jenn, I’ll take The Book of Mormon for 200.” Or a Wheel of Fortune game, but instead of “Bankruptcy” and “Lose a Turn,” the wheel is filled with things like “take a shot” and “remove a piece of clothing.” You need to solve the puzzle before you end up drunk and naked on public TV. LOL!!

    Great job with the site! Sorry I missed you when I was out to film Ep 37 (and 35, and I think I may have helped a bit with 36 … it was the longest and most productive 48 hours in history). Hopefully I’ll see you at the Final Episode party!


  2. Tadhg Says:

    Jeopardy of the FBH Experts… I like it, now to pitch someone to get it made.

    Thanks for the comment, sorry I didn’t catch you last time you were out—hopefully we’ll meet at the last ep party! (Also, I look forward to seeing and annotating your episode!)

  3. Cameraman Jenn Says:

    I have been begging for a battle of the experts challenge forever. However at this point it would have to be a bonus video. Maybe we should make it some of the entertainment for the finale party and make a copy for those who participate.

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