Broken Feeds

22:26 Sun 22 Oct 2006
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I have no idea why, but my RSS feed output stopped working a while ago. For some reason PHP just started taking forever to return the feed pages. I’ll look into this more in future, and in any case it should go away when I get around to the server migration, but in the interim I had to change the number of articles in the feed to three (from ten). So for those of you who read via feed, you’ll have to go to the site to see what you’ve missed since this problem started. Apologies for any inconvenience.

2 Responses to “Broken Feeds”

  1. kevintel Says:

    Actually, I thought you’d gone out in a blaze of pedantocracy. I sort of noticed you were quiet, but I figured that you were done, and busy analysing something else, or better yet, crafting an actual ending to your novel (which sorely needs it, so that I can read it).

  2. Tadhg Says:

    No, not done, there are 35 episodes so far, so I still have some way to go…

    I haven’t touched the novel recently, AFBH has been taking up too much time. But it will be over soon, and I can get back to the novel. I make no promises regarding anything you might consider an ‘actual ending’, though.

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