AFBH 10: 2nd Compilation Episode

14:25 Tue 10 Oct 2006. Updated: 14:37 15 Oct 2006
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Episode 10. Second compilation episode

I bring pie, and try to get them back on track. We cover Episodes 7, 8, and 9. I correct them a lot more starkly in this episode, which they are somewhat taken aback by.

As this is a compilation episode, it doesn’t cover pages per se.

Tadhg O’Higgins


As in Episode 5, Heatherly and Julie start a “normal” beginning only to be interrupted at 02:06. This time, the interruption is a phone ringing. Heatherly answers, and I tell them that I’m disappointed in them because they’re “straying unconscionably far from the original text” (02:43). Heatherly suggests doing a compilation episode (03:13), and Julie agrees, but asks if the real reason I’m calling is because I’m lonely and miss them. Then she tells me that they’ve read half of my Christmas present, and they are confused when I tell them it’s not meant to be read sequentially (03:59). We agree to do the compilation expert, and Julie instructs me to bring pie, and hangs up (04:26).

###Key Misunderstandings

Because this is a compilation episode, there are no major new misunderstandings.

###Analysis of Pages

There is no reading or analysis of specific pages in this episode.


Tadhg O’Higgins. I show up at 04:43, bearing pie and wearing the expert jacket.

###Action Sequence 1

The Episode 6 Action Sequence runs from 05:13 to 10:22. See AFBH 6 for notes.


The Episode 6 Action Sequence is followed by us in bed eating pie, with the pair of them exchanging sexual innuendo about each other’s pies until I point out that in fact I brought the pie a few moments before (10:57).

Heatherly’s first qeustion is about why Covenent was “such a baby” going down the stairs (11:20). I point out that in the book they’re not easy steps, but rather that it’s a difficult climb, and that Covenant’s afraid of heights, and that he’s a leper and afraid of hurting himself in some way he doesn’t detect.

At 12:33 I correct them on the pronunciation of Atiaran’s name (this achieves nothing).

###Action Sequence 2

The Episode 7 Action Sequence runs from 12:35 to 19:09. See AFBH 7 for notes.


Julie’s first question is about why the King and Queen, who looked so happy in the beginning, broke up (19:18). I say that they broke up because the King became mad with power, obsessed with domination, and cruelty, and made pacts with dark forces or was possessed by those dark forces (19:34). I explain that the Queen rose aaginst the King in defense of the Land. Then I tell Julie that her hypothesis regarding their breakup being caused by the King’s bringing home “that slut” is supported by the text (19:59).

Heatherly asks me about the “stone lions” (20:05). I explain that after Berek fled, when the King’s forces were about to reach him, he made a plea to the Land, then swore to protect it, and the Land in return brought forth the “stone lions” to destroy the King’s host.

###Action Sequence 3

The Episode 8 Action Sequence runs from 21:30 to 26:45. See AFBH 8 for notes.


Julie’s first question is “why would Thomas Covenant commit rape in the Land?” (26:56). I reply: Covenant rapes Lena after having gone mad because of his discovery that his leprosy can be cured in the Land, and that since he’s lived with leprosy for so long and has become used to living with it, that he’s shocked by “not being a leper anymore”, and that he had clung to his leprosy as something that could help him believe that the Land is a dream.

(It should be noted that I oversimplified in that answer, since Covenant doesn’t really think he’s cured of leprosy at this point in the text, it’s rather the possibility of being cured, plus his grappling with the entire experience, that sends him over the edge. That, and his bitterness at the wholesome and rich lives of the people in the Land, something I didn’t mention at all.)

Heatherly says she agrees with me but that that’s “still just, like, really weak. I mean, what a jerk” (28:30).

The “post-coital” seqeunce starts at 28:31.

Julie says her favorite part of Episode 10 was Berek getting his hand chopped off and yelling “My hand! My hand!” (28:56). I point out that this was in Episode 7, eliciting “whatevers” from Heatherly and Julie.

###End Credits

The end credits are interrupted by Heatherly telling Julie “My God, Julie, next time we have Tadhg on the show, I’m so putting some Midol in his daquiri”. (29:50)

After the last of the credits, Julie tells Heatherly “Heatherly, your pie was really good” (30:03).

###Words Defined

First time Cameraman Jenn’s voice is heard (“Girls, we’re rolling.”), 11:06
First time an expert is seen entering through the door, 04:43
First pie, 04:43

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    Here’s some behind the scenes trivia, I Cameraman Jenn baked that pie so technically it’s MY pie that’s delicious!

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