August Blogging Review

16:43 Thu 31 Aug 2006
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Today is the last day of August, and this is my 31st post of the month. I successfully stuck to it. Now, though, it’s about to get harder, because the microfiction will require more preparation, more effort, more polish, more emotional investment, and more letting go.

I intend to still post some non-microfiction stuff through September and afterwards, although I’m not sure about the frequency of that. It’s still possible that tomorrow I’ll decide to punt the microfiction until next week (in which case I have to post other stuff instead), but I’m going to really try to just start the creative writing tomorrow.

As for the August posts, an overview follows.

The Desert of the About to Leave wasn’t bad, and I think it captured fairly well how I felt then—and how I feel now, as I’m about to leave again, going in the reverse direction. And writing it did push me to concentrate hard on trying to “be there”, in the Zen-ish sense, which is a good thing.

Accent wasn’t bad, but I think that’s really just scratching the surface, and I should probably return to that at some point.

Airplane Security/Bomb Plots and Fear and Trust took me longer than any of the other posts, and I found them rather difficult to write. I wasn’t that happy with either of them, although I think that the last four paragraphs of Fear and Trust express some important ideas relatively well.

Version Control, Email Via SSH Tunnel, and Web Application Development were all good because they help me to focus on tech/computer stuff in positive ways, and to push me to get organized in that realm.

Trivial Free Will is okay, but is probably way too simplistic, and contains a lot of ideas that need some serious refinement. However, some of the stuff in there is quite important to me, and I’m very glad I expressed it in writing.

On Happiness is my favorite post of the month, though, because it contains a lot of ideas I consider important (even though most of them are not my own), and again I’m very glad that I took the time to express those ideas in writing.

Some topics that I thought about covering but didn’t include: the Middle East; my new server; travelling; the difficulties of regulating informal speech, and whether or not it’s worth doing, and the importance of avoiding censorship as much as possible; the etiquette of who pays for dinner on dates; the bottled water stuff I saw recently; notes on talent, followup to earlier post, and referring to this article; traffic versus anarchism; Outline of how the prequel movies for Star Wars could have been so much better; Essential Mac Software (to complement Essential Windows Software), and notes on another idea for some regular content that I have.

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