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18:25 Tue 29 Aug 2006. Updated: 09:46 03 Sep 2006
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So far, the plan to post every day in August has gone well. I have a slightly more ambitious plan for September: to post microfiction every day.

In some ways it’s even more ambitious than that, because I want to post microfiction based on my science fiction novel, which has languished in its first-draft state for almost three years. My current plan is to re-read it, or perhaps just to skim it, and divide it into thirty sections. For each section, pick three to five themes that best represent what it’s about. Then write either two hundred and fifty or three hundred words on those themes. Pobably using characters and/or locations from the novel’s universe, and definitely the atmosphere and setting of that universe.

That’s it. I may also post other stuff on the usual miscellaneous topics, but the focus will be on the microfiction. This will require some preparation, and also better time management, because I think that creative writing just takes me a lot longer. I should really use the remaining days in August to prepare for this. I may move the start of this experiment to 6 September to make it less likely to get disrupted by travel, but in any case it will start soon and be thirty days long. Hopefully it’ll be interesting.

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