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Genre definitions?

11:33 26 Jun 2006. Updated: 18:51 10 Aug 2006

Some time ago I came across an essay online that contained a number of pithy definitions of fiction genres, addressing each in terms of what overriding question it was trying to answer. I liked the definitions, but now cannot remember any of them except the science-fiction one, which is sad because it’s the common one of “what does it mean to be human?”. I really want to find this again to see what the others were (detective fiction might have been “what does it mean to be just?”), and I can only remember that I liked the others and that I felt they were insightful and useful. If by bizarre chance anyone reading this knows that page or those definitions, please leave that information in a comment! Other comments on genre definitions are also welcome.

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Essential Windows Software

20:30 18 Jun 2006. Updated: 21:44 18 Jun 2006

Here’s a list of software I consider essential on a Windows machine, more or less in order of importance:

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