Tadhg’s definition of anarchism

23:06 Tue 07 Feb 2006. Updated: 18:46 22 Jan 2010
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The Tadhg O’Higgins definition of anarchism:

The elimination of power as a factor in human relationships.

I came up with that years ago and have used it as my working definition for quite some time, but realized in conversation with Seth that I’ve never actually made it public anywhere. So there it is.

Yes, the definition of power is quite important to it, so there’s plenty of room for discussion, but as a short definition it gets the idea across rather well. It should also be clear that anarchism is a striving towards that state as well as a description of that utopia.

Sadly, practical application of / instructions for that striving isn’t as easy to encapsulate in a short definition…

(The original was “the elimination of power as a meaningful factor in human relationships”, but it seemed redundant–a meaningless factor isn’t really a factor, ir is?)

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