Super Bowl XL

21:37 Sun 05 Feb 2006. Updated: 23:59 06 Feb 2006
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I found this Super Bowl fairly disappointing. I didn’t feel a lot of support for either team. I would probably have preferred a Seahawk victory since it would have been their first, but I didn’t really mind a Steeler win either, and was happy for Ben Roethlisberger to take the “youngest ever QB to win” record (because he was taking it from Tom Brady).

However, the game itself really wasn’t a good one. The Steelers won with a few big plays, some of which were really fantastic (Randle El’s TD pass, for example), but the game didn’t really ever feel like a close one to me.

I blame this primarily on the officiating. The Seahawks were just robbed of a touchdown by the terrible, terrible offensive pass interference call in the first quarter, and then were robbed again of a probable touchdown when later when Hasselback’s pass to the one was called back due to phantom holding (or at least the replays didn’t show any holding). Those two calls really shredded the momentum of the Seahawks. I think the Steelers could perhaps have won even if those calls hadn’t been made, but it would have been much more of a struggle, and a much more interesting game.

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