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19 October 2002-24 February 2006

08:58 24 Feb 2006. Updated: 15:27 03 Mar 2006


Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

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Embarrassing Q3A notes

21:06 21 Feb 2006. Updated: 17:42 27 Feb 2006

While cleaning out old stuff in my apartment, I came across some notes I wrote while bored at a user interface conference way back in early 2000. The notes are about (cringe) how to beat *bots* in the single-player mode of *Quake 3 Arena*. Essentially, this reminds me of just how appalling I was at the game back then, if beating those bots required any real effort.

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Nimblefish field expansion bookmarklets

18:35 10 Feb 2006. Updated: 22:46 11 Feb 2006

I had these up on a random page on my site and thought I might as well put them here.

If the PURL page has been coded correctly, these will display the field name in *front* of the field contents.

To use this, right-click on the following link and select “Bookmark this link” or “Add to Favorites”: ‘ + prefix + ‘: ‘ + cA[i].innerHTML; } } } })();”>Field Expansion Bookmarklet for IE 6.0 and IE Mac

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Tadhg’s definition of anarchism

23:06 07 Feb 2006. Updated: 18:46 22 Jan 2010

The Tadhg O’Higgins definition of anarchism:

The elimination of power as a factor in human relationships.

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23:53 06 Feb 2006. Updated: 07:21 08 Jan 2007

This evening Seth and I finally restarted our reading project, and began *Essays in Existentialism*, a collection of Sartre essays. We did the first section, “The Humanism of Existentialism”. I’ve read it before, a long time ago, probably 1993. I recall that my initial reaction to it was one of recognition. This time, I had the same feeling, or a stronger version of the same feeling. Many of the fundamental tenets of existentialism as laid out by Sartre are and were bedrock beliefs of mine. “Man is nothing but what he makes of himself.”—check. “There is no reality except in action.”—check. Fundamental personal responsibility—check.

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Super Bowl XL

21:37 05 Feb 2006. Updated: 23:59 06 Feb 2006

I found this Super Bowl fairly disappointing. I didn’t feel a lot of support for either team. I would probably have preferred a Seahawk victory since it would have been their first, but I didn’t really mind a Steeler win either, and was happy for Ben Roethlisberger to take the “youngest ever QB to win” record (because he was taking it from Tom Brady).

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21:18 05 Feb 2006. Updated: 08:12 12 Aug 2010

I was in the ocean for the first time in months today, and it was really fantastic. Beautiful day, lots of sun, and the sky over the Pacific was gorgeous. It was also fairly warm in the sun, which is always great because it means that getting into your wetsuit and walking through the sand is enough to make you too hot, and thus eager to get into the cold water.

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