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09:34 28 Oct 2004. Updated: 11:56 24 Jun 2013

Juliana’s been urging me to put this up, and it seems like a good idea, so here are some of the articles I’ve read online recently:

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A Nightmare in Baseball Form

18:35 02 Oct 2004. Updated: 15:52 25 Jun 2013

That’s what the bottom of the ninth was for the Giants in LA today. They had shut down the Dodgers for eight innings, leading 3–0. I watched it from the seventh on. And in the bottom of the ninth, the Giants: gave up a single, allowed a walk, struck out a batter (Alex Cora), allowed a walk, allowed a walk (3–1), gave up a single on an error (getting no outs from what could have been a double play) (3–2), gave up a single (3–3), gave up a home run (3–7). This in a game that they had to win to keep their postseason hopes alive—now they can only make it if the Astros lose tomorrow and the Giants win.

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The Butterfly Effect: The Elevator Pitch Equation

18:34 02 Oct 2004. Updated: 21:55 18 Mar 2006

(It’s a Wonderful Life) x (-1) = The Butterfly Effect

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