Bizarre sighting on The Best Damn Sports Show Period

16:27 Wed 11 Aug 2004. Updated: 21:21 25 Jun 2013
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This happened a couple of weeks ago, but seems worth mentioning. My brother and I were channel-surfing one night and encountered The Best Damn Sports Show Period, which we would normally have sailed right by. It’s on Fox SportsNet and is essentially a talkshow format with a bunch of (ex-/wannabe) jocks sitting around talking about sports. Not the most in-depth kind of thing (unlike Baseball Tonight or other ESPN fare). Usually lots of lame jokes, hype, and product tie-ins. Oh, and Tom Arnold is one of the hosts.

However, what made us stop is that Michael Moore was on it.

And stayed on it for at least fifteen minutes. He was promoted as a reason to return after an ad break. They talked to him about politics for most of the segment. I know that most US sports coverage is more analytical than most US political coverage, but this was ridiculous. And it’s a Fox network!

The audience seemed to give him a very good reaction, and some of the hosts were clearly supporters. I don’t know exactly what this appearance means, but I found it profoundly surprising. And, maybe, it’s a sign that things aren’t quite as bad as they seem.

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