Discard-based MBC?

19:06 Sun 08 Aug 2004. Updated: 16:58 27 Jun 2013
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So I think that I’ve made a mistake in trying to straddle two different kinds of control, the tempo-control of the Standard B/R RatCloud deck and a more traditional card-advantage-based control approach forced on me by the absence of both Stone Rain and Ravenous Rats in the MD5 environment. That being the case, I need to find a deck that is focused and able to exploit the current metagame.

The typical Black Control deck approach might actually provide a number of answers here, if I don’t get too caught up in trying to make Death Cloud work as the be-all and end-all.

MD5 RatCloud (60)
Land (22)
  • 22 Swamp
Mana (4)
  • 4 Wayfarer’s Bauble
Creatures (10)
  • 4 Chittering Rats
  • 4 Solemn Simulacrum
  • 2 Greater Harvester
Other (24)
  • 4 Consume Spirit
  • 4 Wrench Mind
  • 4 Fill with Fright
  • 4 Night’s Whisper
  • 4 Devour in Shadow
  • 2 Echoing Decay
  • 2 Barter in Blood
Sideboard (15)
  • 4 Emissary of Despair
  • 4 Shattered Dreams
  • 4 Damping Matrix
  • 3 Terror

Obviously, the deck is much, much weaker against Affinity here. Also, I begin to wonder if Promise of Power should come into it at all. But I don’t know where I’d put that, and it is a little risky against Big Red. I don’t think the deck can support both Promise of Power and Night’s Whisper.

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