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I wrote this piece to a friend who was going to the US; it was prompted by authoritarian responses to the Columbine killings and by other dismal trends. It has a lot of power, and its lack of polish is appropriate, I feel. Unfortunately, in the last two years I haven't seen all that much to make me more optimistic. (Sadly, I didn't reference all the material in it at the time, so I don't know where all the quotations and references come from.)

Welcome to the Land of the Sick. Welcome to the richest country in the world. Welcome to the highest poverty rate in the industrialized world. The highest per capita prison population in the industrialized world. Welcome to the nexus of greed. This is the place where the rich and the powerful and the influential twist everything to further their diseased appetites. Everything. Welcome to the land of the Stupid, where the most blatant contradictions or outright barefaced eye-watering self-serving malicious mendacious downright perfidious absurd groundless LIES are simply accepted by a populace too busy sucking the greed and clinging to the myth to ponder the wrong of it all.
Remember Kent State? Remember Chicago? Remember Rodney King? Remember all the ones we never heard about? Remember? This is a society built on genocide and slavery and those proud traditions of our forefathers continue to this day in America one nation under GOD one nation under GOD one nation under GOD
and if He says kill the heathens to make room for us and our insanely obese offspring who are we to argue
This is a nation that eats its young and justifies this by: the young are evil. Those kids today, listening to that music, with that hair, watching those movies, playing those games, getting those piercings, those tattoos, they’re EVIL just look at them isn’t it obvious and so they have to be controlled and watched and moulded into good Americans but first watched and controlled. Keep them indoors, don’t let them out at night, don’t let them out, don’t let them SEx and DRugs and ROck and ROll and DAnce sex drugs sex drugs evil but if we give them guns then they can kill each other and then we can prove they’re dangerous and watch them and control them and control them and watch them "Curfew, curfew, how cares how much our leaders are corrupt as long as they’re tough on crime? Curfew , keep them away, curfew, no longer unauthorized activity… The main enemy, the terrorist threat, is your own children… it’s the songs that are the problem, not the violence outside. Keep them locked up. Keep them in curfew. Put them away. Don’t let them out… Do not gather after dark. Curfew. It’s such a family oriented word. A much more acceptable, smiling, soft word, a much more palatable concept than Martial Law"
And remember original sin original original sin sin sin originalsin they are sinners all of them and we have to curfew it out of them, indoctrinate it out of them, tv it out of them, propaganda it out of them, watch it out of them, surveillance it out of them, America the Beautiful it out of them and only the righteous shall survive and if we turn many of them into paranoids and schizoids and sociopaths and killers because they can’t see how glorious we are then it’s okay because we’re one nation under GOD one nation under GOD one nation under GOD
and that makes it okay to be prejudiced and twisted and greedy and hateful and violent and manipulative and acquisitive
and above all we can’t let them be free not just the kids but any of them because they can’t cope with it they’re not responsible enough they’ll just use it for sex and pornography and drugs and bombs and violence and that’s all evil even though we’re the world leader in most of those things too
"When Burson asked an MPAA board member if things would have been different for a boy’s movie, she was told: ‘That may be true; but it’s our job to judge for parents who haven’t seen the movie, and if parents have a double standard, it’s good for us to think that way also.’"
it’s good for us to think that way also
it’s good for us to think that way also
it’s good for us to think that way also
it’s good for us to think that way also
it’s good for us to think that way also
"compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission, ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite, all of which are American Dreams"
We have a responsibilityTOCONTROLand if we shirked that we would be failing in our dutyTOCONTROLto America. We have toCONTROLprotect andCONTROLcherish our young people because they are our greatest resource. Their CONTROLeducation is a priority and we will ensure that it is the best that we can provide. We cannot allow them
to be influenced by violence and depravity at a young age
can’t let them
"An attempt was made in Oklahoma to ban young people from getting tattoos, and a Massachusetts legislator tried to prevent the sale of ‘exotic hair dyes’ to minors. But curfews are also becoming more common, and there are many proposals for drugs testing in schools."
Some words that 7 million American netsurfing kids can’t search for from school:
adult after alcohol amateur amateurs anal anarchist anarchists anarchy aryan aryans ass available babe babes banging bangle bare bastard beaver beer bestial big bikini bikinis binaries bitch bitches blonde blondes bloody bomb bombs bondage boner bong boob booby booty bottom bourbon bra bras breasted breasts brothel brothels bud buff bugger butt butts buxom

and we’ll kill anyone who tries to stop us

just to be safe we’ll kill anybody different.


Welcome to the land of the Superficial. It’s our company policy to take you at face value, because we encourage our customers to be idiots and do the same. So you should look neat. You should look presentable. You should look the same as everyone else. Or our customers will know you’re different. And they wouldn’t like that. Nobody likes that. Be like us. Be like us. Look like us. Think like us. Be like us. "representing all of life as nothing but a series of extremely simple problems each soluble through the immediate application of some very smart commodity or other grossly oversimplifying everything moreover that myth of the advertisers’ total competence of their ability to solve at once your every ‘problem,’ also promotes stupidity by suggesting that there is no worthwhile knowledge other than the knowledge of elite technicians"

Mainline the Greed. Suck on the Conformity. Kill the different. Maim the interesting. It’s all for the good because we’re ONE nation under god one NATION under god one nation UNDER god one nation under GOD and we killed all of those who got in the way principles what are they they’re only for the rich not their prey no-one else has a say
one nation under god one nation under god one nation under god
it’s good for us to think that way also it’s good for us to think that way also it’s good for us to think that way also it’s good for us to think that way also it’s good for us to think that way also


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