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I wrote this piece during a short period of dabbling with (text-based) online roleplaying. I had a friend who was playing in a Star Wars-based universe, so I hung out there and created a character called Doomed Poet. He grew on me, and I plan to use him for other stuff at some point, but playing him was especially interesting because, being a Poet, he had to spontaneously come up with poetry at times to seem in character. It's rather difficult to just come up with it, but this piece worked extremely well (and is also a clear example of how both RPGing and poetry can be good at bringing up issues that aren't fully conscious).
Absence; indeed like a thread but colorless, not colored
Blacker, not fonder, is how the heart grows.
Love becomes need, need addiction, addiction desperation
In desperation, we give up that which remains of the self for the Other.
In desperation, we give up that which attracts the Other to us
In desperation, we lose that which we try to gain.

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